2016 Lusatia Park D Block Sauvignon Blanc

I’m probably going to harp on a lot about balance when it comes to the 2016 wines. As Roger Voudouris said, “get used to it”……..but perhaps the more in-depth theme of this vintage is that old vines grown on good soils in the right regions by people who care will deliver despite the vagaries of the season………

2016 is our 5th year of making wine. Along the way I feel we’ve transitioned from getting excited about varieties we’d like to make to really thinking about the vineyards we work with & what varieties will best express themselves, & why, on those sites. To that end we’ve dabbled with quite a few sites now, only to walk away because something wasn’t right…..inevitably to do with the fruit not being naturally balanced. Acid dropping out before the grapes were ready to pick, sugars too high at flavour ripeness & the like…….& with the winemaking philosophy of being “do as little as possible” balance in the vineyard is everything……..

The one constant in all our explorations over these 5 years has been sauvignon blanc from Lusatia Park in the upper Yarra Valley, albeit from H block (the 2016 example will be released is due course) rather than D block, which is the wine in question here. But either way we’re adamant now that if treated with respect once it’s off the vine sauvignon blanc can deliver just as much excitement & deliciousness as the vast majority pinot noir & chardonnay from the same region.

Volume: 190 dozen

Site: Lusatia Park Vineyard, Woori Yallock (Yarra Valley), Victoria

Winemaking: 70% whole bunch pressed to old oak & wild fermened, 30% wild fermented as whole bunch for 5 days then pressed to tank. Partial MLF, no fining, racked, settled (but not filtered) & then into bottle. No additions other than sulphur dioxide.

Alcohol: 13.0%