Copy of 2017 Catbird

Whilst reluctant to be labeled (we are, after all, Out of Step!) if we had to pick a team our aspirations would probably fall mostly into the world of “fine wine”. That concept of producing complex, age-worthy wines which reflect great sites, the season & the variety…….time & other people will be the arbiters as to whether this is something we achieve.

That said, the wine in question here, the 2017 Catbird, is firmly in some other camp. Sauvignon blanc fermented as whole bunches, pressed to old oak (2/3 after five days of fermentation, 1/3 after ten days) & gravity bottled under cork via hand without fining, filtration or sulphur dioxide. Making a white wine using red wine methods (i.e. skin contact) & eschewing the use of sulphur dioxide is hardly innovative these days, but it is also far from the norm. And sauvignon blanc made this way undeniably produces something both interesting & delicious, two other parameters that are incredibly important to what we do…….& sometimes we just want to have fun……..

Volume: 90 dozen

Site: Willowlake Vineyard, Gladysdale (Yarra Valley), Victoria

Winemaking: Hand picked & then wild yeast fermented as wholebunches in open fermenters. 2/3 pressed after 5 days, 1/3 after 10 days, both to old oak. Racked once just prior to bottling. No idea(!) on MLF, unfined, unfiltered & unsulphured. Gravity bottled via hand under cork.

Alcohol: 13.0%

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