Denton View Hill, Yarra Valley, Victoria


Location – One hour (around 60km) north east of Melbourne & 5 minutes east of the town of Yarra Glen.

Elevation – 80-150m above sea level.

Soil type – Granitic sand & grey loam over granite.

Aspect & planting direction – Chardonnay planted on eastern slope with rows running east-west.

Vine age – Chardonnay planted in 2004.

Management – The vineyard is managed conventionally with a view to sustainability. Due to a very exposed site fungal disease pressure is very low & the use of synthetic fungicides is minimal.

Notes – With good vine age, a mix of renowned Chardonnay clones (including Mendoza & P58 from which this wine was produced) growing on a rare outcrop of grantitic soil Denton View Hill is uniquely positioned on the valley floor to produce fruit of outstanding complexity, concentration & balance.