Malakoff Estate Vineyard, Pyrenees, Victoria


Location - Two & a half hours drive northwest of Melbourne, & around 30 minutes west of the town of Avoca

Elevation - Approx. 300m above sea level

Soil at the Malakoff Estate vineyard

Soil at the Malakoff Estate vineyard

Soil type - Red ferrous clay with heavy deposits of quartz & ironstone throughout

Aspect & planting direction - The vineyard is northeast facing with NE/SW facing rows. 

Vine age - Nebbiolo planted in 2000. Best's Old Block Shiraz clone planted in 2005.

Management - The vineyard is managed conventionally with a view to sustainability. Due to low disease pressure in the region synthetic fungicides are not used, only copper/sulphur sprays.

Notes - Low yields & astute viticulture combined with nebbiolo’s late ripening make for grapes of wonderful balance, retaining acidity whilst still achieving sugar & flavour ripeness. The resultant wines are deep, concentrated & complex with firm tannins whilst still being very approachable in their youth.