The Story

Based in the Yarra Valley & established in 2012, Out of Step Wine Co is what happens when two former music junkies decide to get serious about indulging an ever-growing parallel obsession with fermented grape juice.

Their approach is simple, although the wines themselves are anything but.

Making small batches from single sites selected for their ability to yield grapes of outstanding quality, & eschewing a lot of conventional techniques that seem to make for rather pedestrian booze, they believe it is of critical importance that what they produce genuinely communicates the variety, vineyard, season and combination thereof, as well as being fucking delicious.

They know there is no other choice but to embrace the ethos that wine, like a lot of the wonderful things in life, should move you. To be great it must be real, expressive & honest.

So why Out of Step? Well, in this day & age who the hell would want to be in step?

Liquor Licence No. 32806664